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Customs declaration

 With a team of professional customs clearance and import-export specialist, we provide our customers with convenient service for customs clearance:

- Consult the customs procedures for each type of export (business, investment, sourcing, production export, temporary import for re-export on the spot, ...)

- Consulting commodity policy, application of HS codes, customs duty, customs valuation, customs goods inspection, consultation rates, post-clearance checks.

- Consult the international form of payment: L / C, TT ...

- Consult the tax payment procedures, procedures for tax refund, tax exemption procedures, procedures for the collection of taxes, tax adjustment procedure so wrong payment 2 times at the border customs, customs industrial zones - zones Export, Customs Branch road border crossings ...

- Transport vehicles and container trucks, import and export forwarding, customs services package.

- Consultation procedures for import of machinery equipment, tool and fixed assets, licensing procedures, the list of goods exempt, procedures please confirm synchronization, please certificate of origin C / O Form A, B, D, E, AK, ...

- Procedures for plant quarantine, animal quarantine food safety.